Partners of Choice

To effective resolve of diverse challenges of the global society, we need to work side by side with learning institutions, professional bodies and corporate organisations in different continents where our students-base are spread. And for world-changing research and scholarship, we have built and will continue to expand our innovative partnership base with scholarly colleges and professional institutions.

Our doors are wide open for New Partnerships in terms of Credit Transfer, Course/Certificate Validation, Accreditation and Exchange of Specialties. Government accredited Colleges and Chartered Bodies all over the world are welcome to assess, rate and validate our training and records based on mutually agreed terms, while other colleges and professional bodies are equally welcome to offer our established courses and specialties anywhere in the world, as our studentship cuts across continents. Interested Colleges should please contact THE PRESIDENT at

Some of the Institutions Partnering With Us

  1. American Institute of Professional and Interdisciplinary Studies, USA

  2. British American University, USA

  3. International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals, USA

  4. Institute of Chartered Management Accountants, Nigeria

  5. Faculty of Secretaries and Administrators, Nigeria

  6. Institute of Company and Commercial Accountants, Nigeria

  7. Institute of Forensic Accountants of Nigeria

  8. Other Asian and American Universities